World Map on Moroccan wall

A world map – taken in the liquor shop at Sahara

I was in a liquor shop in the middle of nowhere (desert) with other travellers and I was just starring at the world map taking up the entire wall of the far side of the counter and it’s colourful. Not just because it was kind of graffitied it with Arabic writing (I think) and named the countries I can’t read, but because the map itself is…colourful and ..interesting. I starred at the world map and it’s multicoloured, China for example is green. I am not sure why China is green, perhaps it is just a random printing. Well, at least the sea is Blue. I do not have a world map framed on the wall in my room. I do remember I have a Atlas from Geography at school. To travel alone, I bought a little world map book 10 years ago. Whenever I travelled, I brought it with me to make instant travel plans while on the roads……Do you have a world map mounted or framed on the wall in your room?


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  1. No I don’t have one but should! I have a world map saved on my iPhone that I look at almost daily. But funny story my cousin in Austria her shower curtain is a world map I usually spent forever in the bath when I was there, but mostly because I was planning my next travel routes out while standing in the shower staring at it lol.

    • Cool waterproof world map!!! Most likely I would do the same like you, spend forever in the bath staring and planning the travel route lol!!!!

      Thanks for sharing the story Jodi. You made my day! x

  2. No, but I did use to own a globe that looked very much like this map… I loved staring at all those different countries and memorizing where they are. I miss those days 🙂

  3. Hmm, I have maps of places I’ll never go again, too. Nice to keep.

  4. Nope, but we have a lot of atlases and maps 🙂

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