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Take a break,have a coffee!

Lovely latte art. A fabulous cup of flat white at Chatswood café in Sydney.

I love Coffee – a real coffee made from an espresso machine here in Australia as well as travelling in different countries. My favourite coffee is flat white – the surface is flat and white unlike latte or cappuccino. It must be an Australian thing not to have a coffee with too much froth. When it’s done right, it’s a really nice, balanced cup of coffee.

The last 2 weeks I was pretty busy at work. I will post more frequently, sorry for the break! Hope you enjoy a cup of coffee too.


A stroll in a local Marrakech

      A local bread trader selling freshly baked breads

Marrakech has the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco. There are different entrances to get into the Djemaa el Fn Square. You could easily get lost in this maze. A stroll in the narrow streets, I walked away from the touristy square and main souks (about 20 minutes walk away).. I love to see how local people lives, to feel their daily lives. Today, this square and the surrounding souks are still the places where local people came to meet, and shop.

To be continued..

Flavour of India


India is not to everyone’s taste but I find it extraordinary in every possible way, good and bad.

I’m so fascinated with India. I think the first thing that really attracted me to the place was its unashamed use of colour in the traditional and everyday dress, the henna, the hair, the bangles…




The food as well. I love Indian Food, Indian Curry. The food was so delicious and tasty! So I photographed a lot of the food I had.

I do not want to get sick when I travel to India, particularly, I follow some golden rules: never drink the tap water in India, only eat hot food, only eat in restaurants, use hand disinfectant and always wash your hand before putting anything into your month.



I followed their custom – eating with your fingers can be tricky to start off with, but “how to eat with your hand – the traditional Indian eating style (when you are in India)?”

With a little help from my Indian friend, the lesson is:

  • Ensuring wash your hands well with plenty of soap before the meal
  • First, try pick up food with your last three fingers and thumb, ‘slide’ the food into your mouths using your thumb
  • Now, use your thumb and fingers tear a piece of the bread off, and then scoop the curry or the vegetables, with the bread and then eat
  • Never use your left hand to eat with. Use it only to pass something

I noticed that many Indian foods such as naan or roti are best eaten in this way, even eating rice.



Indian food is super delicious and very spicy!!! The rich mix of spices that made the food what it is.

Yogurt definitely helps to cleanse the spiciness.



I enjoyed every meal in India, also followed their tradition to eat with my hands for an authentic experience.

In India, eating with your hands is a tradition. Use only your right hand. Though cutlery is used everywhere, a lot of Indians prefer to eat Indian food with their hands.


Ghee Masala Dosa


Crispy deepfried bread shells of puri cooked potato and chickpeas, spanish onion, torn coriander leaves and plenty of lentil, accompanying pots of coconut chutney, yoghurt, tamarind sauce, pickles and masala soup.

The finger-licking goodness is addictive.


Onion rawa paneer dosa


An example of a common cold Indian drink is “lassi”, which is a yoghurt or buttermilk drink that is sweetened and most often served plain.


Traditional Lassi in a clay cup, made from buffalo milk with the curd on top from Lassiwala in Jaipur.


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