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An Indian Wedding

I have always found ceremonies and traditions from other cultures absolutely fascinating, especially when it comes to wedding celebrations – in a foreign country.

Touring around India had given me an amazing experience. I got invited to a wedding – An Indian Wedding was a surreal experience for me.

My friend suggested me to get henna. I thought henna is such customary in Indian weddings since I did not bring any nice clothes to travel, henna would look good on me when attending an Indian wedding reception.


A women had gotten henna done on her both hands.


Traditionally, the brides would wear henna on their hands up to sleeve long and on their feet.


This henna shop situated on a busy street market. To my surprise, the henna tattoo artist did a great job on my hand. 


The henna substances dries up fairly quickly. It had stayed on for two weeks. The henna paste is 100% natural from henna plant and essential oils (usually cajeput, orange sweet, wild orange or lavender).


A Henna beautifully painted on my hands.


Apart from the fact that I was a tourist, I did not know both bride and groom. They were my friend’s family friends had gotten married. I was delighted to attend. And it was delight mixed with a great deal of curiosity.

My experience of watching Bollywood movies has left me feeling a little curious about Indian wedding receptions. I wondered how she must be feeling about the whole arrangement. She looks so young and sweet.



From the moment they walked into the reception, it was quite obvious. They are a beautiful couple. She was smiling but looks tired. They got lots of blessing from their related families, relative and hundreds of friends attended in the reception throughout the night.

Well I guess the whole wedding thing was a lengthy process to sit and thank the guests of a few days long celebration. Indian wedding is not only a single day ritual. Traditionally, wedding celebrations in India extend almost a week long and feature pre-wedding, wedding ceremony and post wedding reception.


The celebration outside the reception on the street.  Lots of singing and dancing..




I was delighted to see the whole Bollywood style dancing where the entire bridegroom side were dancing in the streets.



The food was tradition and well presented. The wedding reception went wonderfully.


Post wedding ceremony during the wedding reception.



Post wedding ceremony during the wedding reception with related families and relatives.



After dinner we joined the dance floor where we danced the night away – dancing the Bollywood way.. :))



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