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Photo of the day: Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

A Tribute to Love

You probably heard of this place. There’s something about the Taj Mahal. And I don’t know what that thing is.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that its gleaming white glory, a pretty building, made of white marble, and it’s kept nice and clean. The Taj was breathtaking but the city itself was horrible. It’s a bizarre feeling.

So what makes it so impressive? There is a tunnel you have to walk through before heading towards the white marble building, standing and looking at from the tunnel you can clearly see the smooth, shapely lines of the marble. Towards the building, there is the reflection pool running through the middle of the well-kept gardens.

Still what makes it so special? Other than overseas tourists walking along with me, I looked around most of the visitors are Indian. They come to see their landmark, the special charm of Taj built by the king full of glory of love dedicated to his late queen.

Here’s a monument to love, one of the greatest monuments to love in the middle of Agra period. Just Impressive.

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