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The Sahara, Morocco Desert

Morocco desert road trip was epic!

I saw a new side of this Western Sahara wonder, it’s beautiful! Glad I got there and watched the Sahara sunset. It’s nothing can describe with words. My tears just naturally came out.

The nomad camp was awesome! When you laid on the sand in complete darkness, the wind, the sand blowing on your body, on your hands, your face and counting shooting stars over your heads with wonderful people camping with.. wowww I wanted to stay longer in the desert. I cannot describe how awesome it was! This journey gives an unforgettable flavour of the Sahara.



Part 1: In the desert

(To continue from my last post..) the second day around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we finally arrived in Merzouga.

From Marrakesh, across the magnificence of the Atlas Mountains to the gate of the Sahara desert where we stopped and took an hour break in a pleasant hotel and had some great fun in the swimming pool before we hit the desert.


pool in the middle of desert




little shady house on the side of the road for people convenience




power v natural




natural v power




sandy landscape




the gate to the dunes, sun setting



Part 2: Camel Trekking

Well, camel trekking may not be the most comfortable means of travelling for some, but it is undoubtedly a ‘must’ for every traveller as a way to experience the mode of transport of the Berber nomads of the Sahara.

Around 5 o’clock, just two hours before sunset we ride camel with a desert guide at sunset for approx. one and a half hours into the dunes, to the nomad camp. The weather was perfect, the sun was setting, we made it in time to watch the amazing sunset over the huge sand.


nice to meet you my mover buddy




on the move with Zju Zju




eyes the colour of the sands




we are fantastic four




so much bigger than it’s possible to capture in a photo




watching the sunset from behind



Part 3: Meet The Nomads

We arrive to the nomad camp around 6 o’clock where we stayed at the camp for the night.

We first had a welcome mint tea with the nomads in the camp. After dinner the nomads played Berber music for us around the campfire.

We spent the evening around a campfire, slept under nomads tents uncovered around the campfire simply under an amazing, majestic sky I have ever seen in my life. It is one of the perfect place to set up your camera, capture shooting stars and evening shy in complete darkness without light pollution at all.


you are cool!!




light up our life




warm me up




moment of romantic (with a group)




nomads played Berber music around the campfire




goodnight fellows



Part 4: The Third Day

The next morning we woke up at 6 o’clock and we ride camels back to the hotel in Merzouga.

It was another beautiful sunny day, and I was in pure awe at the richness of color in this land. Once we got back to the hotel in Merzouga, we had a shower and breakfast there. After breakfast we got into the vans drove back to Marrakesh.

I did not take much picture on the third day. The tiredness emerged naturally after 3 days constant moving on the road.

Below are few highlights of the Sahara desert on Moroccan land. I have to say that it was an awesome trip. Glad I made it to Sahara – travel halfway around the world to experience the wonder.



berber leading camel in the desert




close your eyes feel the wonder moment, just awesome!




enjoying Berber play African drum 


But also my awesome group I met in the bus, and a beautiful experience. I cannot describe how awesome it was!


inside the bus




Pictures of the desert: Sahara, its landscapes, its men, and Zju Zju.



Wrap up

The beautiful landscape and the nature were the highlights of the desert camp. And look, I felt so little, the desert is just huge.

Travelling with stranger is odd at first. We were a small group. After 2 days with new friends I met in the bus, they surely had contributed a big part in my awesome experience!

I met lots of fabulous people on the road. Not say hi and bye. I mean spending time travelling together, sharing joy, happiness and experience. I would have to say I was so glad that they were encountered into my life of travel.

To say goodbye to a bunch of wanderers was not fun. At the end of the trip I joined three Dutches to Casablanca instead of the original planned destination Fez.

Have you been on a road trip and had a fabulous experience with stranger you met on the road or next to you while travelling? You never know who you’ll sit next to or meet, that’s one way to add excitement to your travel.

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Epic Road Trip To Morocco Desert

Two days in Marrakech town had some great experiences and fun with other travellers. My second wish was to hit the desert.

Before getting to Morocco I knew that if I was visiting it I would be visiting the Sahara Desert as well. I mean I normally do not schedule a definite travel route while backpacking just in case I like a place so much and would like to stay longer and explore a bit more. But really who could visit Morocco and not visit the desert? It’s funny though I didn’t prepare or do any research about it. I simply joined the 3 Days 2 Nights Atlas to Sahara road trip to the desert.

The following day I went on to the minivan, I was kind of sad to leave the hostel and other lovely travellers who I just met.

Three Dutch, a Melburnian couple, our Moroccan tour guide and navigator, they were my new friends we all met in the bus. It was odd at first as I was the only one travel alone. By the end of the trip, I would have to say it was painful to say goodbye to them!! I cannot describe the awesomeness experience it was with strangers!

Let The Roadtrip Begin!



Day 1

Part 1: Atlas to Desert

Leaving from Marrakesh at 7am we travel towards Ouarzazate, driving across the Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains provide a route between the coast and the Sahara Desert.


cobalt blue a very signature color all over Morocco




across the magnificence of the Atlas Mountains




driving through some 200km mountains



The sun was hot in early morning, and I shifted uncomfortably through driving and turnings. After 2 hours drive and turn, I had motion sickness. Yeah! I was only at the start of the 3 days trip.

A short stop for breakfast didn’t help get rid of my dizziness and nausea. I changed to the front seat sitting next to Mr Guide. To counter the rays of sun that pour in through the windows, I opened the side window. Breath of fresh air helps all.




Part 2: Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah

After 4 hours drive, our first big stop was in Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. In my older post, it is a 16th century fortified village and a UNESCO world heritage site. You can really feel like you have travelled to the past, no wonder this place is the top film shooting location.


a striking example of southern Moroccan architecture




beautiful character




the pattern




earthy yellow colour



To reach the fortified village, it is necessary to cross the river using the stepping stones.


the river is dry in dry season




stepping stone




earth and clay brick buildings climbing up the hill




climbing up and getting down hill



It kind of reminded me of that series on Grand Design that one of the owner applied Moroccan earth and clay brick technique designed for his new home. The new house was gorgeously built and very eco-environmental.


now and then




Part 3: On the road – Through the window

On the road to Dades Gorges, I saw beautiful landscapes and many authentic and modern Berber villages. Though the dry climate making people difficult to live, the high and middle atlas slopes have dense forests containing pine and oak trees. There are many fertile valleys where livestock can feed. 


Hollywood in Arabic writing? Could someone tell me what does it mean ? 😉




busy on something dudes?




Mr Navigator






I couldn’t stop taking pictures through the window.


the desert is so huge




water streams from underground



Driving through mountains where I saw beautiful landscapes and many authentic Berber villages. I have the best visual view in the front seat. By this point I’ve forgotten the unpleasant beats on my head.


rocky landscapes : 1




passing by a small town through Merzouga




walking to work ladies ?




just walking the camels




where are you going fellows ?




bye now




Part 4: Still on the road – Dades Gorges


the human creation




beautiful oasis surrounding the town




glistening green fields




dense forests in the atlas slopes




rich vegetation 




rocky landscapes : 2




little Mohammad with grandma




spending the night in a delightful hotel near the gorges




lovely lighting




Day 2

Part 5: Todgha valley and gores

Second day after breakfast, we visited Todgha valleys.


driving through the valley




stunning rocky landscape : 3




don’t be shy Mr Guide, we know you want a swim




cosy hotel in the valley




hello babe you are such a cutie




what a beautiful day crossing the valley




yellow earth the protection colour




Part 6: Towards Merzouga, the gate to the dunes


aromatic moroccan food: Tagine for lunch




a road in the desert




waiting…camel crossing……




no fun without few drinks for sure – the liquor shop in the last post World Map




which hotel ? well none of the above..


The multi day road trip into the Sahara from Marrakech was authentic. After one and a half day drive, we finally arrived the gate to the dunes Merzouga in Day 2 afternoon. The epic journey ends in the Merzouga desert but it didn’t mean the entire sahara journey ended here.


As I have mentioned at the beginning of the post, I got pretty bad motion sickness on the bus. It’s not nice to get sick while travelling. How to get rid of motion sickness and without any medicine with you? One of the best things, which you can do to get rid of motion sickness, is to look far and horizon level outside the car, plane, train, bus, boat, or get fresh air until you feel better and comfortable. If you feel like you’re going to throw up, do so, rather than keep into it.


I’ll see you on my second half of the epic journey Desert sunset in the next post. 😉


Camel trekking in Sahara

It’s the moments like this that you travel halfway around the world for. The photo was taken in Merzouga, Morocco – camel trekking in sand dunes Sahara at sunset.


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